What You Get with PremiumWixTemplates


Each product is available with several price options. You can choose Single Use Site, Exclusive or Final Sale Purchase License depending on the goals you pursue. You can additionally order installation, customization or hosting services.


If you are not skilled in editing a template on your own, you can order customization services and we will change the content, color scheme, implement your logo and make other tweaks for you in order to modify the template to make it your very own


Getting a standard HTML template, CMS based theme, eCommerce web design or any other template from PremiumWixTemplates, you get full admin access to the WiX Premium Template account upon approval and delivery of the site when complete.


The second you purchase one of our premium templates, you will have access to many built-in features. We have more extras included than any other template service on the market today, and they are all included into the premium template package with no hidden costs.

And what more our company can do for you

We understand that our clients want an excellent product or service. Trusting that a professional web template is still the best pattern for website creation, PremiumWixTemplates team is always challenged to work each website template to the max. But enough about us – Now let us talk about what you get.


On our website you can find access to free WiX.com templates, where you can open an account, select a free WiX.com template and learn to improve your skills on working with the amazing WiX.com editor, before actually buying the product which might be the best fit for you.


We can personalize your purchase with a special offer or deal. This can be a designer’s bundle, some training course, copy services, or SEO KickStart offers. Contact info@permiumwixtemplates.com for more information.


We can assist in helping you in choosing a theme that is the best fit for your new website. Also we can let you know where to go and what to do should something happen out of the ordinary with the platform or any of the applications that you have added to the site.

PremiumWixTemplates Research Center

Where technology and efficiency go hand in hand

Innovation is what drives business, so that is where our approach to web design and development starts. To achieve even better quality of our premium website templates, we turn to innovative technologies, do research to foster best practices, participate and engage in trend analysis, conduct routine discussions about the future of web technologies, and balance these initiatives with the customer needs. We are forward thinkers that produce premium website templates that exemplify the best combination of outstanding performance, exceptional design and trending functionality.

People CHOOSE Us!

No other platform is offering premium WiX themes

You must be thinking how we differ from other website template providers? PremiumWixTemplates began with a simple idea: everyone should be able to own a professional looking website, affordably and with ease. Therefore, to give you relief, we make it feasible for any particular person, a newbie or web savvy individual, to own a premium template, that looks like a just like a custom one. All you have to do is devote just few hours to this process and you get a High-Quality website.

9 Years in the Web Development Business

All these years we have been simplifying website design for you

With a group of talented designers and developers who love doing beautiful things together can alter the online world. We have been in business for almost a decade, and from the very beginning AppMe Solutions has redefined how a website is created through a professional, premium web template. Yes, you certainly can achieve designing a website on your own, but designing a site is only 50% of the job, we know how to build a website which is powerful enough to get you not only started, but seen by other searching for you, and do so within a reasonable budget. We give you an affordable premium template, optimized for SEO, user experience and speed performance, while simultaneously offering you the vantage of controlling the content, look and functionality of your website with ease. That means you can edit most of it on your own after we complete it for you. This is why AppMe Solutions amazing core group of highly experienced people used everything they know to create PremiumWixTemplates.com, a platform that makes owning a high-quality website affordable.

Wide Variety of Products

PremiumWixTemplates is serious about remarkable web design. We can build a site or web project with your content and with our template in just a few days, something that would have typically taken you week or months on your own. The premium template is now the leading commodity of almost any business operating with online market today. That said, you can think of our product as the easiest way to own an amazing website. You just get a whole lot more with a whole lot less. We will be adding and swapping out premium templates with new designs on an average of 45-50 that include a wide spectrum of design styles monthly. You can find the best theme depending on the specs and other options.

Our library is currently increasing and updating

Vast Knowledge Base and 24/7 Personal Support

PremiumWixTemplates is a place where people get help for free

If you have questions about choosing, purchasing or purchasing our templates, you can put them to our Live Support Chat or email support center, that have highly skilled agents on standby to handle any questions you may have about our products or services. This service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Also you can get professional shared screen training on editing, installation, managing, developing and customization from one of our Authorized WiX Pros, where we can provide you ono-on-one live, remote, expert assistance VIA shared screens.