1. What platforms can the premium templates you offer be used on? is a Premium, Custom Template firm of which offers premium template solutions to Users of the platform only. The Premium Templates offered for purchase on, can only be used on and hosted by is the only firm offering Users a Premium Template solution. As it sits today, the only other firm to our knowledge offering any type of templates for purchase to users is Template Monster, they currently have an inventory of approximately two dozen sites, available for purchase averaging $30 each. The templates currently being offered for purchase on Template Monster, are even less impressive than the ones on, that have been made available to Wix users for free… that was the long answer,

…the short answer to your question is, “NONE”.

2. How many other companies or firms offer Premium Templates to Wix users?

3. If Template Monster is offering WIX templates for $30, how much for your equivalent?

Let me first start by saying, the products and services offered by us, to Users is not currently being made available anywhere else. In essence your question is the equivalent of being asked, “How does firm (a)’s 1950 VW Bug offered to the same audience that our 2015 Bugatti Veyron is being offered to, measure up?”


Well, if the VW Bug is operable when taken out, they both can get you from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ via motorized transportation, they both use the same gas, and they both require a driver, Where the obvious differences lye, is in the unmatched curb appeal, the unparalleled performance differences, the undeniable uniqueness of one - compared to the over production of the other, leaving any audience captivated by only one vehicle that just cannot be comparted to. That is virtually the same scenario, as us having to compare to Wix Templates offered by Template Monster.


Now, the better question is, will the audience be able to afford the Bugatti Veyron when the majority only have budgets that can afford  the 1950 VW Bug, and the answer is, YES! has figured out a way to build and offer the Bugatti Veyron for what a VW Bug costs. is making it affordable for anyone to own a high-quality, “full-custom” Premium website solution that has been built for maximum performance to virtually anyone.


Our Premium Wix Solutions range anywhere from $297 - $827. The Premium Templates offered for purchase on our site for $297, retail in today’s market for a few thousand build to order. Whereas the Wix sites being offered for purchase on Template Monster, hold less value, performance and curb appeal then the ones offered for free on

4. How do I find out if my website or blog qualify for your Affiliate Program?

90% of the applicants applying to be an Affiliate on our platform qualify, meeting the necessary requirements to become an approved affiliate. There are no situations to date whereas an applicant’s virtual public presence failed to meet standards that have been set in place by

5. What are the costs to be an Affiliate?

Nothing, ever.

6. Can I provide a discount to my customers?

Yes, we will provide you will a discount code good for 10% off, which your clients can use when finalizing his/her purchase on the website. When the customer proceed to the checkout on the site, it will give him/her a prompt to enter in the 10% affiliate code you provided to them in order to receive the discount.


Please note, if your affiliate commission rate is 20% and someone purchases a template using one of your affiliate discount codes in order to get 10% of their purchase, the commission amount you will receive on this sale is less the 10% leaving you a remaining 10% commission.

7. Can the templates be shown without the pricing?

No, not an available option on the site, we do offer a WhiteLabel version of our template site, where the pricing can be adjusted by the WhiteLabel Reseller Partner to his/her desired amount.


Please Note, the WhiteLabel Program for is still under development, and will cost upwards of $50k to enter into the program.


For $50k, the WhiteLabel Site will come loaded with 250 brand new, never seen before, fully custom, Premium Wix Template Designs. The 250 preloaded Premium Templates will be temporarily exclusive to that WhiteLabel Partner, for a period of ninety (90) days. After which those designs will be made available ONLY for use and distribution on the site. will never provide another WhiteLabel Reseller Partner with access to designs that were initially provided to another Partner, will be the only entity that will have access to reuse any WhiteLabel Reseller Partner sites that were provided to them.


Furthermore, WhiteLabel Reseller Partner will be able to purchase new designs at a discounted Partner rate of $178.20 (52 Sites ‘minimum’ must be purchased at once to receive that discounted bulk rate). These new custom, Premium Template designs will made available to the WhiteLabel Reseller Partner exclusively, and be granted a ninety day license to the rights to them.  After which, those designs will be made available ONLY for use and distribution on the site, and will not be offered or sold to another WhiteLabel Reseller Partner. intends to offer extensions for exclusive License Rights on designs that were built for that specific Partner at the following rates;




  • 1 Month (30 Days), $100/Exclusive License x 52 Min = $5,200.00

  • 2 Months (60 Days), $147/Exclusive License x 52 Min = $7,644.00

  • 3 Months (90 Days), $179/Exclusive License x 52 Min = $9,308.00

Please note; License extensions must be purchased prior to the expiration of the previous exclusive License,

8. Where do I sign up to be an affiliate?

If you click here, you will find an abundance of information related to our Wix Premium Template Affiliate program, or if you click here, you will find our easy online Affiliate Application form. Once the applications is submitted, it could take up to 72 hours to get an approval.

QUICK TIP! The more verifiable information you provide in your Affiliate Application, the faster the approval process. 

9. What are the commission rates you pay out to your Affiliates? pays its Affiliates up to 40% commissions on all sales generated through the affiliate program. The discount rate varies depending on the volume of sales brought in by a single Affiliate. New Affiliates start out at 20% per sale, and the amount of discount increases as volume of sales increase.









Our commission rates are not as high as some of the firms offering the same type of services, but their average template cost is under $90, whereas’s average sale is $497.


So would you rather have 35% off $90 ($31.50 commission), or for the same efforts receive 20% off $497 ($99.40 commission)? offers products and services ranging from $297 to $827, whereas firms offering the same type of services have average tickets of sales of just under $90 – all equates to one simple fact, higher percentage of sales, does not mean you walk home with bigger commissions, what it really means is, you will have apply three times the effort to earn what you could with us.


Number of Referred Clients Attributed to Affiliate

Percentage Per Each Referred
Client for Each Level​


1 - 27




Over 51 (in a given year)


28 - 50


10. How do you keep an accounting of my sales?

Our affiliate program is equipped with the latest technology in affiliate/lead tracking. The software use to monitor your affiliate account is not only a 24/7/365 personal accountant of yours, it’s a powerful marketing tool, developed solely for the purpose of assisting affiliate in greater lead generation and traffic and brand awareness.